Youth Support

Your parents’ journey may have been limited. They may have only had a couple of different jobs, or perhaps only one, during their working years.

Things are different now.

  • You can expect to have up to 25 different jobs throughout your working life and more than one occupation.
  • You can also expect to enter and exit training multiple times along the way as you either re-train, update or advance your knowledge.
  • You can expect that industries around today will evolve and jobs currently available will be gone.  As industries evolve you can also expect to have access to jobs in the future that don’t even exist today.

industry image 3What this means is that a career is a journey not a destination and one that will involve changing jobs, changing, dealing with periods of underemployment or unemployment and learning new skills.

You’ll Need to Manage Your Journey

This more complicated journey will require some “management” and you are the Manager!

You will need to know where to access information, how to research, how to get advice, how to keep up with change, so that you can make good decisions along the way.

This website provides some useful links and information to help you begin managing your own journey whether you are still at school or not.