Business and Industry Support

For Students

By making connections with Industry, students can experience first hand what a particular industry is like and begin to collect knowledge and ideas of where their interests are and what they can achieve on a particular pathway.

For Industry

Your world is also changing, for as well as contesting for business, you may also being contesting for talented employees. You will therefore benefit from engaging with students and schools in your community in order to educate them about your particular industry so they can make informed decisions about their careers.

Schools and students look to engage with local industry in a number of ways including:

  • Work Experience – many schools include in their Work Education program a week of Work Experience in which the student can gain exposure to the world of work through working with a particular employer.
  • Career Advice – employers may visit schools to talk about their particular industry or assist with mock interviewing. Employers may also be involved through sitting on steering committees such as the Doorways to Construction committee or the Mining Alliance.
  • Business Mentoring – employers may work alongside groups of students participating in developing a virtual business thereby passing on business and entrepreneurial skills. Australian Business Week,
  • Enterprise Mentoring – employers may work with groups or individual students developing a product or solving a problem. Examples include: bottling a wine produced by a school, solar car challenge, Australian International Pedal Prix, regional Chef Competitions, developing a land care management plan.