About Eyre Futures

Hundreds of young South Australians have been helped through initiatives managed by Eyre Futures Incorporated – EFI.

Jill Coates“EFI’s core business has been to provide a range of services including state and federally funded youth services.  Educating our young people and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow is the responsibility of the entire community, and when schools, business and the broader community unite, we can achieve outcomes that would not have been possible if each of us acted alone.

Many people in regions across South Australia will be familiar with the Work Inspiration, Mentoring EP, Wheels in Motion,  Adult Community Education (ACE), and ICAN programs. Our books are full of success stories of young people who now have meaningful careers and lives because of the time and attention the experienced Eyre Futures Youth Services team have been able to provide for them through programs such as these.

Eyre Futures can’t achieve these outcomes alone. We value and work closely with our educational, business and community partners, service providers and government agencies. Each and every one has a significant part to play, whether it’s skills, expertise or facilities – it’s collaboration at its best.”

Manager – Jill Coates

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